Mallorca Coasteering Adventure

Young people coasteering La Victoria Mallorca

How our Coasteering tours started

Around 5 years ago, Patrick and I were guiding kayak tours along the beautiful coast of La Victoria. We stopped in small coves to explore natural playgrounds, climbed and jumped off rocks, and snorkelled along the cliffs. It was great fun! That’s when we came up with the idea of doing tours and sharing this unique experience with others. But we knew that not everybody would like to have to paddle there first for two hours! We started exploring the coastline, looking for ways to get access to these remote coves from the street. But many times, we encountered breakneck trails or steep cliffs. Eventually, we came across some small trails which must have been used by local fishermen searching for crabs, shells, or harvesting salt. We were thrilled and thought ‘let our fun tours begin!’. That was the beginning of our small company Active Alcudia.

People kayaking and coasteering at la Victoria Mallorca

Photos by Franz Balazs (

Coasteering history and how it started in Mallorca

In Pembrokeshire, Wales, the first commercial Coasteering tours started in the 1980s, though people must have walked along the coast long before that time in search for food or trying to explore new places. More details about the beginnings of Coasteering can be found in the article “A brief history of coasteering” by Celtic Quest Coasteering. 

Our friend Masio was the first person to start Coasteering tours in Mallorca in 1998, perhaps unintentionally. He took a British couple hiking at Alcanada and because it was way too hot on that day, they decided to climb down to the ocean to jump into the cool water. Instead of walking back on the normal path, they made their way back partly swimming, and partly climbing over the rocks, going in and out of the water. As they discovered spectacular coves and caves along the way, Masio got the idea of doing this with groups of people.

What exactly is Coasteering?

This fun activitiy involves traversing along the coastline, where the sea meets the rocks through a combination of walking, scrambling, climbing or jumping from rocks, bouldering along a cliff, or swimming around it. Pretty much anything is allowed and it all depends on each person’s ability and preferences. Needless to say, it is immensely enjoyable as you get to experience the coast in a unique way.

In the last few years, Coasteering has become increasingly popular all over the world. Matt from Kernow Coasteering just recently published an interesting article about Coasteering locations around the world.

Why Mallorca is perfect for Coasteering

Between May and October, Mallorca water temperatures range from 20 to 27 degrees Celsius making it ideal for Coasteering. The crystal clear ocean is usually very calm and the difference in the tides is less than 20cm. So it is relatively safe. However, depending on the winds, strong current and big waves can make it more challenging. Also, the limestone rocks have been carved out by splashing waves over a long period of time and are as sharp as razor blades.

What makes our Coasteering tours special

Man on the rocks coasteering in a beautiful cove in Mallorca
Coasteering group rock scrambling at La Victoria, Mallorca

We take you to the spectacular rocky coast of La Victoria, a nature reserve with hidden coves, small caves, and interesting rock formations. We scramble and climb over rocks, boulder along cliffs, and for the more daring, we can do some cliff-jumping from different heights. For the not-so-brave, it is perfectly fine to simply sit and watch and enjoy the scenery.

We snorkel and discover the impressive underwater world where it is possible to see octopus, colourful peacock and rainbow wrasse, sardines, damsel fish, bream, and cormorants hunting for fish. For the more adventurous, there is the option to explore underwater tunnels and sea caves and even do some free-diving.

The locations we choose are off the beaten path where it is unusual to encounter other people, just some wild goats. And for those who have been on a tour with us before, we can explore new and exciting places – the coastline is a huge playground where we have 3 or 4 different options for our tours.

Having the privilege of being in such an amazing place, we strive to preserve its natural beauty. We keep our tours small – not more than 8 people, but often just 2 or 3. We don’t leave any trace, and where possible, we collect any rubbish we come across during the tour.

The beauty of these remote places is better appreciated when shared in a small group rather than a large group. With just a few people, we are able to look out for everyone and the whole experience is more relaxing and personal.

Who can join and what we provide

Pretty much anybody can join the tours. It is great fun for families with children, as well as young adventurous types, as we are able to tailor the tour according to participants’ levels.

But you do have to know how to swim and not be scared of heights. You need a swimsuit, and running shoes that can get wet. Also bring a small backpack with drinks and snacks. We provide short wetsuits, mask and snorkel, protective gloves and life jackets if needed.

So on your next visit to Mallorca, visit our office or contact us – this is an adventure not to be missed!

Casteering group snorkelling at La Victoria in Mallorca
Man jumping off a rock at La Victoria

Photos by Gerd Kohlmus

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